Established during the summer of 2021, Parkmart is a New York City events based collective born out of the ongoing pandemic restrictions that left a lack of resources for emerging artists and brands outside of the online space. What was planned as a one time pop-up market at Maria Hernandez Park, snowballed into a series of monthly, community based, artist flea markets in various public parks around the city, followed by an after party series, Darkmart, which also was conceived during a transitional period within NYC nightlife as its absence in 2020 opened the door for a new guard of entertainers and promoters. 

In 2022, a year after our initial run in public parks, we shifted to warehouse venues, focusing on large scale events; establishing Parkmart as the premiere artist market in the city for up-and-coming DIY/independent brands, artists, organizations and publishers to sell their ideas.

★ Cult Classic Magazine 
★ Perfectly Imperfect
i-D Magazine
Bushwick Daily